About Me

Peter Chamberlain CannFilm and television production has fascinated me since a young age, and I have always watched things from a creative angle, always thinking about how something was done or how I could replicate a shot.

Having studied Media for eight years, and pursued it as a hobby for over ten years, I have worked on a range of projects including video production, magazine design and website creation. I recently graduated from Plymouth University with a First in BA Media Arts, and my focus is now primarily on video editing. My recent work has ranged from trailers and promos to short documentaries and dramas.

One area I am particularly interested in is the relationship between a sequence of footage and its soundtrack. Much of my cutting style involves tying the actions of a scene to the rhythms of the score and the sound effects.

I appreciate the need for attention to detail and this shows through in a consistency and polish to every project I work on. I am fluent with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and, to a lesser extent, Adobe After Effects.

Curriculum vitae (PDF)

If you’d like to get in touch with a project or have any other enquires, email me at info@peterchamberlaincann.co.uk.

To keep up to date with my work, follow me on YouTube and LinkedIn.