Dérive Exhibition

While on our Berlin trip, we all went on dérives – unplanned journeys – in small groups. Working with Rima Jastrumskaite, Fay Machaira and Michelle Rowland, I produced a short film that focuses on the creative side of the city.

Last Friday, all of us exhibited our results in a pop up exhibition, and I made a short video, mainly based around our film, to document it. It’ll be included in Nervo Knox, an online television broadcast that’s part of my uni course, on 13th March at 12pm! I’ll post it on here afterwards as well.


Below are a ton of photos I took last week on a university trip to Berlin! Parts of the city felt quite dated and a bit “1999” to me, but there’s lots of interesting sculptures, architecture and pieces of design! While on my travels, I mainly focused on bold colours and distinctive lettering.

All of these were taken with my Canon 600D (kit lens), which I bought recently for the trip. Taking it round Berlin was a very good way to run it in!

There were two things in particular that intrigued me.

I stumbled across one of Keith Haring’s sculptures, “Boxers”, by accident whilst visiting the Sony Center. I did a lot of research into his cartoon figures for my British Art Show project, so it was great to see one in the flesh!

Near to the cathedral is the red brick Bauakademie (the English Building Academy). It was damaged during World War II, partially restored, but later demolished. Since 1995, there have been plans to rebuild it in its entirety. In 2001, students built a temporary scaffolding structure, based on the remaining corner of the building, to give the impression of the full building, and it’s still standing. It’s pretty bizarre!