Pendulum rig

A couple of months ago, I worked on this simple camera rig at uni.

It’s two pieces of wood bolted together so that the longer one can swing at 360 degree rotations. On the end is a hole for a GoPro HERO3+ to be attached. By combining three of the mounts that come with the cameras, we were able to adjust the camera angle any way we wanted, giving us left, right, forward and backward movements.

Here’s the footage I shot with it around Plymouth:

It’s not come out perfectly. There’s no full rotations, a lot of motion blur (even with the camera set to 120fps!), and the interior scene at the end was a stairwell, but the rig wasn’t sticking out far enough to get it in shot!

Still, I really like the different perspectives you can get with the rig and I’ll use it again one day. The distortion of the everyday is something I continued in my latest film, Ever Decreasing Circles, which I’m going to post on here in the next few hours!

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